gb_christmas_wreathWhen I was a child Christmas Eve was special time.

The milk and mince pie were carefully placed by our fireplace, oh and not forgetting for Rudolph; I didn’t want to upset Father Christmas or his reindeer.

 After all he was the one coming with all the gifts and I had been a good for the whole year… well most of the year anyway!

The presents would be wrapped in a multitude of bright colours, the red of Santa’s coat, the green of the Christmas tree, with silver and gold, shinning and glistening…always beckoning me ever closer in those dark, still, early hours of Christmas day.

I had helped my mum put the decorations up. After hours of licking and sticking, the paper chains finally crissed crossed the ceiling.

Then my dad scrambled up into our dark, and I have to say somewhat scary attic. It was mysterious and creepy darkness with cobwebs and spiders.

After fumbling around for some time dad would bring down some large dusty brown boxes with the words ‘xmas stuff’ scrawled on the side. I knew what treasures lay within.

Our Christmas tree stood in the corner of the room – it looked huge. Its tip leaned ever so slightly to the left with the weight of the gold star. Was it real gold I’d wondered?

We hung baubles after bauble, old and new. The chocolates hung temptingly in their shiny foil, but no – I mustn’t, Santa was coming – I wanted my presents and I was good, honestly!

And then we put out our little nativity scene, Mary, Joseph, two sheep, one cow, three wise men, two shepherds and my brothers contribution…a cowboy on a horse!

And of course Jesus in his manger, in the middle, between his mum and dad, it was after all his birthday.

And then it was time for bed, not that I could sleep….

I heard someone complaining the other day that Christmas is for children and they are right. Christmas is for children and we are all children of God. And we await the coming of Jesus with the awe and wonder of that child on Christmas Eve.


Afrvertical Podcasts…well they are notoriously hit and miss in my opinion.

Anyway, so recently I have been looking around for something decent to listen to as I try to lose a few pounds and so far this is the best Orthodox. Ancient faith Radio…

‘Ancient Faith Radio exists to supplement the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church with on line audio programming of music, prayers, readings, lectures and interviews.

We offer two 24 hour internet based Orthodox radio stations but we also provide an extensive list of downloadable Orthodox Podcasts. This ministry was founded at All Saints Orthodox Church in Chicago but is now part of Conciliar Media Ministries which in turn is under the auspices of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America.

Technology has opened the door for a worldwide radio ministry featuring the teachings and music of the historic Orthodox faith. This is a pan Orthodox ministry seeking to serve and support all jurisdictions with clear and concise expressions of the faith.

We say we are “timeless Christianity 24 hours a day” reflecting both the eternality and the daily presence of our Lord Jesus Christ in our midst. Christ is truly in our midst and He truly ever shall be!’

I am currently enjoying the podcasts of The Illumined Heart and Our life in Christ, they are very interesting and not tacky in anyway.

I would highly recommend these podcasts.