I have been listening to Father John Corapi (a Catholic convert as opposed to a cradle Catholic!) on ‘how to make a good confession’.

Our church does not do confession in the Catholic sense…However it gave me a very good understanding on the sacrament of reconciliation (formerly confession).

One point which I thought was interesting was this: If we are to be forgiven for our sin we must have healing as well. If you think of a nail in a plank of wood, when that is removed it leaves a wound in the wood and that is the same with us, when sin is removed it leaves a space which can be occupied by other sin – thus the need for healing to go with confession.

So if you have a healing service then I would guess you would need to spend some time in confession before healing can take place…actually as far as I am aware we should confess our sins before we take communion but I digress.


and here is a multitude of sacramental documents etc.


The theology of my church does not agree with some of the Catholic ideas (purgatory for instance!) but where else do we turn to learn about such things that are not practised within our own denomination.