Last Saturday, I led a small group from our church on a pilgrimage to Worth Abbey in Sussex.

Worth Abbey is a Benedictine Abbey, a fairly modern one having been built in the 1930’s.

We arrived after a 45 minuite journey. I couldn’t find anyone to open up the room we had hired but eventually Father Luke found us, relaxing and contemplating the day in the monks private garden area…oops:)

We then broke for refreshments and Father Luke chatted about the monastery, the calling, what they do and we asked some questions and he asked some questions of us. One stuck in my mind which has been perplexing me.

He asked ‘Do you have anyone who is Holy in your church?’ 

I am really not too sure what he means…what is Holy…how do we define Holy?

Anyway we joined the monks for their midday worship which is oddly at 1pm. A zither accompanied the monks as they sung mass, a few of us joined in and few of us just listened.

It was a wonderully calming worship and so very different to the soft rock of contemporary worship.

Lunch beckoned and then we went our separate ways for silence, contemplation, prayer or just peace. Some went to the Quiet Garden which is set away from the monastery for just this puropse.

I sat by one of the two ponds, the sun refleced on the water and dragonflies danced along the surface leaving small ripples.

I was considering Gods creation, the beauty of the colour of the waterlillies, the swiftness of the dragonflies. In the distance a mower started up…

We finished off on a local tea room on a farm chatting and discussing our day…

…………Dominus illuminatio mea