I have organised as ‘Pilgrimage’ to Worth Abbey for a small group from my church…

but what is a pilgrimage today in a world where nothing is sacred anymore?

For us it is simply so time to make a trip to a specific place, to come together and be as one with God and the Body of Christ.


Worth Abbey is a Catholic Benedictine monastery and we are a protestant evangelical church with a difference…we follow the church calendar and celebrate not only Christmas and Easter, but Lent, Epiphany, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, Christmas Eve…our year revolves around the liturgical calendar.

So our day at Worth is set out as follows:

9.00am Meet at our Church Centre where we will have a simple breakfast followed by prayers for the day ahead.

11.00am Refreshments when we arrive and a look around.

12.00 midday A talk by Father Broderick

1.00pm Principal prayers

2.00pm Lunch

2.30 – 4.00 Contemplation time.

It should be a great day…